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Hi, we're Boolee!

Say goodbye to complicated marketing dashboards

With BOOLEE, data analysis is simple and accessible to everyone. Let us help you make the most of your marketing efforts.

Why Boolee?

Information in one click

As a marketeer, we need to handle multiple things at once. Who wants to spend time in huge data masses and dashboards, trying to find the relevant data?
BOOLEE is here to help you.

What is boolee?

Our Interactive AI

BOOLEE is your smart data dashboard. Through combining latest technology with proven methods, we created the first interactive data dashboard. BOOLEE therefore answers all your questions, helping you find relevant data in a click.

What are boolee'S benefits?

Reducing Time & Costs

With BOOLEE you'll find and understand your marketing data in a click. You need to know how your campaign performed? Why your performance went down? How many tickets you sold?
We got you covered. With BOOLEE, you have
instant insights into your data in one click. Skip the data deciphering process and focus on growth. Need to send a report? Share data seamlessly with your team and make better decisions together.

Real Time Data

BOOLEE gives you real-time data access to all your integrations.

Easy Integration

Data integration is as easy as interpretation. Integrate your marketing data in one click.

For Any Data Type

Need to analyze excel/csvs, pdfs and more?
BOOLEE reads almost every data source.








Return On
Ad Spend


Marketing meets Tech

Jasmin, CEO and Co-Founder of BOOLEE, a passionate advocate for (cultural)tourism with a strong background in marketing and data analysis, leads our vision and helps  companies in tourism overcome their marketing challenges.
Rick, our CTO and Co-Founder, is the technical mastermind behind BOOLEE, driving our team to create innovative products after discovering our idea by chance.

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